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Abstract #2169

Frequency Distribution of the BOLD Signal During Resting-State and Nicotine Infusion in Mice Using a Phased-Array Cryogenic Coil at 9.4T

Joanes Grandjean1, Markus Rudin1, 2

1Institute for Biomedical Engineering, ETH and University, Zrich, Switzerland; 2Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Zrich, Switzerland

Resting-state fMRI in mice has been limited due to small voxel-size, leading to low SNR. It would allow studying mechanisms underlying resting-state fMRI, and provide a translational platform. In this study, we measured the amplitudes of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF) of the fMRI signal during resting-state and nicotine infusion in mice and showed the organization of ALFFs in the mouse brain. Nicotine infusion increased low frequencies in the frontal cortex, and decreased medium frequencies in the sensory/motor cortex. Analysis of the ALFFs may be used to study resting-state fMRI in mice and frequency distribution can be altered following an intervention.