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Abstract #3878

Non Contrast Enhanced 3D Volumetric Time-Resolved MRA Combining Multiple Phase PCASL(CINEMA-PCASL)

Masanobu Nakamura1, Masami Yoneyama1, Tomoyuki Okuaki1, Takashi Tabuchi1, Atsushi Takemura2, Makoto Obara2, Taro Takahara3

1Yaesu clinic, Tokyo, Japan; 2Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan; 3Tokai University School of Engineering, Kanagawa, Japan

Recently we have proposed 3D volumetric non -contrast time -resolved MRA technique termed Contrast inherent inflow enhanced multi phase angiography combining multiple phases pseudo -continuous arterial spin labeling (CINEMA -pCASL). CINEMA-pCASL was developed as a technique that enables diachronic observation of hemodynamic as in DSA and extensive 3D volume acquisition with the whole brain as a target. We present a preliminary study of CINEMA-pCASL sequence and discuss its clinical relevance.