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Abstract #4068

P904-USPIO Enhanced MR-Imaging of Ischemic Acute Renal Failure and Cyclosporin a Toxicity in a Rat Model on a Clinical 3T Scanner

Henrik J. Michaely1, Urs Benck2, Stefan Haneder, Uwe Gttmann, Tobias Runge, Bernhard K. Krmer, Stefan O. Schoenberg

1IKRN, University Medical Center Mannheim, Mannheim, Ba-Wu, Germany; 2V. Medical Clinic, University Medical Center Mannheim, Mannheim

3T MR-imaging of rats with acute ischemic renal failure, Cyclosporin A toxicity and control was performed 36h after injection of ultra small particles of iron oxide (P904). Only in the acute renal failure signal decay in the medulla was seen which correlated with positive iron findings and Ed1 positive macrophages in immunohistology.