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Abstract #0027

High Temporal Resolution Mouse Renal Blood Flow (RBF) Imaging with Pseudo-Continuous ASL (PCASL) at Very High Field

Guillaume Duhamel1, Valentin Prevost1, Olivier M. Girard1, Virginie Callot1, Patrick J. Cozzone1

1CRMBM / CNRS 7339, Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France

Assessment of the renal microvascular perfusion is a valuable tool for many diseases which have shown to be linked to damage or loss of renal microvessels. ASL had great potential for measuring renal blood flow in humans and animal models. Most of the reported animal studies were performed with the moderately sensitive FAIR EPI technique, moreover limited to transverse imaging only. In this study, we investigated mouse RBF measurements using pseudo-continuous ASL in combination with fast imaging, with the aim of determining the most adapted protocol relative to sensitivity, robustness to motion, reduced scan time, multislice acquisition and imaging orientation.