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Abstract #0092

Validation Study of ESUR Prostate MR Guidelines 2012: The Significance of Different Sequences of Multi-Parameter MRI in Detection of Prostate Cancer in 106 Consecutive Patients

Juan Hu1, He Wang1, Xuedong Yang1, Chengyan Wang2, Rui Wang1, Ge Gao1, Hui Zhang2, Wenchao Cai1, Wei Wang1, Jue Zhang2, 3, Xiaoying Wang1, 2

1Radiology Department, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China; 2Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University, Beijing, China; 3College of Engineering , Peking University, Beijing, China

Multi-parameter MRI (Mp-MRI) plays an increasingly important role in the detection, localization and staging of prostate cancer (PCa). To solve the absence of unified criterion of technique and the interpretation of images of Mp-MRI in PCa detection. A recent consensus meeting of PCa experts from ESUR recommended PI-RADS scoring system. True evidence-based guidelines could not be formulated. Our retrospective study proved that PI-RADS scoring was an operable and useful scoring system for interpretation of Mp-MRI used in PCa detection. The diagnostic status of each MR sequence was not at the same level. Only appropriate combined mode was used, the excellent diagnostic efficacy of Mp-MRI can be obtained.