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Abstract #0143

The Porous System Model Suitable to Investigate the Structural Properties of the Cancellous Bone by Using Diffusion Techniques: Validation in Calcaneus and Femoral Neck

Silvia Capuani1

1Physics Department, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, Italy

A porous system model suitable to investigate the structural properties of the cancellous bone by using diffusion techniques is shown. To validate the model, the calcaneus and the femoral neck of healthy, osteopenic and osteoporotic subjects, as classified by the bone mineral density (BMD) were investigated by measuring the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), together with the marrow fat content (Mfc) and assessing associations between BMD, Mfc and ADC. In calcaneus cancellous bone, a microstructure deterioration with a pore enlargement due to osteoporosis, increases ADC. Diffusion assessment obtained in large populations, might increase our pathophysiological understanding of osteoporosis.