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Abstract #0267

High-Resolution Quantitative T1 Maps of the Human Stria of Gennari at 7 Tesla

Christine Lucas Tardif1, Miriam Waehnert1, Juliane Dinse1, Andreas Schfer1, Pierre-Louis Bazin1, Robert Turner1

1Department of Neurophysics, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

The stria of Gennari, a densely myelinated tangential band in the primary visual cortex V1, has been shown in several high-resolution post-mortem and in-vivo MRI studies. We report the first estimates of T1 times in the stria of Gennari in-vivo. We scanned 2 subjects using the MP2RAGE sequence at 7 Tesla at an isotropic resolution of 0.5 mm. Using a novel volume-preserving cortical layering approach, we calculated the average cortical profile of T1 times in V1. We also sampled the cortex at the depth of the stria of Gennari and report the T1 times.