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Abstract #1171

Resting-State fMRI in a High-Field Intraoperative MR-Setting: Feasibility and Preliminary Results

Sotirios Bisdas1, Constantin Roder2, Edyta Charyasc1, Michael Erb1, Marcos Soares Tatagiba2, Ulrike Ernemann1, Uwe Klose1

1Neuroradiology, Eberhard Karls University, Tbingen, Germany; 2Neurosurgery, Eberhard Karls University, Tbingen, Germany

Preliminary results in this study demonstrate that resting-state fMRI measurements can be performed in anesthetized patients before and during surgery for intracranial masses by using an intraoperative high-field MRI system. In each examined patient, up to 12 from the 28 published resting state network (RSN) components could be identified in the intraoperative MR setting without any reduction of the RSN activity, compared to awake patients. These findings shed light on the RSN connectivity in anesthetized patients and enable functional navigation by identifying the localization and connectivity of eloquent brain areas in an intraoperative setting.