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Abstract #2004

Accelerated 3D-Localized Echo Planar Correlated Spectroscopic Imaging of Calf Muscle Using Compressed Sensing

Neil E. Wilson1, Brian L. Burns2, M. Albert Thomas1

1University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States

In one dimensional (1D) spectroscopy, there is no information clearly linking J-coupled partners as there is with 2D localized correlated spectroscopy (L-COSY), which also produces much less crowded spectra. Recently, an echo planar spectroscopic imaging readout was added to L-COSY to collect a 4D data slice in (kx, ky, t2, t1) space (EP-COSI). Showing the potential for scan time reductions, NUS was retrospectively applied on the incrementally-acquired (ky, t1) plane. Here, we extend EP-COSI to a 3rd spatial dimension collecting data in (kx, ky, kz, t2, t1) and apply NUS prospectively on the (ky, kz, t1) volume.