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Abstract #3071

Analyzing Error Propagation in Semi-Quantitative DCE MRI Parameters in Brain Tumors: A Comparison Study to Monte Carlo Simulation Predictions

Ka-Loh Li1, Xiaoping Zhu1, Alan Jackson1

1The Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Uncertainty analysis for error propagation in five semi-quantitative DCE-MRI parameters was performed. Five patients with NF2 were used for evaluation. Percent deviation (PD) distributions from Monte Carlo simulation were compared with in vivo data. Results: 1) The sum of SE and SErel had greater precision than non-summed metrics for persistent type SI(t); (2) The normalized parameters had poorer precision than non-normalized metrics;(3) Rse1/se2 was more accurate for persistent type than washout type; (4) Rse1/se2, showed wide PD distribution. In ry, comparison of in-vivo analysis with Monte Carlo simulation supports the findings of previous studies on synthetic data.