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Abstract #3336

Functional Mapping of the Human Visual Cortex with Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) MRI

Christian Federau1, Kieran O'Brien2, Adrien Birbaumer1, Reto Meuli1, Patric Hagmann1, Philippe M. Maeder1

1Radiology, CHUV, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 2CIBM, Universit de Genve, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland

Intravoxel Incoherent Motion MRI allows quantitative measurement of microvascular blood flow, and could therefore potentially have a higher spatial correlation with neuronal activation than the currently used BOLD technique. We demonstrate functional imaging with IVIM in the visual human brain, and present quantitative analysis showing increase in IVIM perfusion parameters during visual stimulation, in both the visual cortex, as well as, to a lesser extend, in the subcortical white matter.