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Abstract #4488

Left Ventricular Function in a Single Breathhold with 3D Radial CINE BSSFP and 3D Through-Time Radial GRAPPA

Kestutis Barkauskas1, Vidya Nadig2, Bruce S. Spottiswoode3, Sven Zuehlsdorff3, Nicole Seiberlich1

1Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United States; 2Heart and Vascular Center, Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH, United States; 3Cardiovascular MR R&D, Siemens Medical Solutions, Chicago, IL, United States

This work applies 3D Through-time Radial GRAPPA to reconstruct images depicting cardiac motion acquired with an ECG-gated, 3D radial cine bSSFP sequence using an angularly-undersampled stack-of-stars cylindrical trajectory during a single breathhold. A total of 10 repetitions of fully-sampled 3D radial data acquired during free-breathing formed the calibration reference. Bland-Altman analysis of ejection fraction in 10 healthy volunteers showed that differences between the proposed 3D radial approach which required less total scan time and only a single breathhold and a clinical standard 2D segmented cine multi-breathhold acquisition were not statistically significant (mean +/- 1.96*SD of bias: 0.7 +/- 5.5%).