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Abstract #0049

Probing cancer metabolism with hyperpolarized 5-13C-glutamine

Claudia Cabella 1 , Magnus Karlsson 2 , Carolina Canap 3 , Giuseppina Catanzaro 1 , Sonia Colombo Serra 1 , Luigi Miragoli 1 , Luisa Poggi 1 , Fulvio Uggeri 1 , Luca Venturi 3 , Pernille R. Jensen 2 , Mathilde H. Lerche 2 , and Fabio Tedoldi 1

1 CRB Bracco Imaging SpA, Colleretto Giacosa, Torino, Italy, 2 Albeda Research Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 University of Torino, Torino, Italy

Glutamine metabolism is a key marker of cancer development. In particular, strong correlations have been reported between oncogene expression and activity of the glutaminase enzyme. Hyperpolarized 13C-MR spectroscopy can provide insight to glutamine metabolism and should hence be a valuable tool to study changes in glutaminase activity as tumours progress. This work reports on an improved preparation of hyperpolarized 5-13C-glutamine, providing a highly sensitive MR marker. Physiological tolerable glutamine solutions with remarkable polarization levels were obtained by dissolution and used to perform 13C metabolic analysis in vivo in healthy and tumour bearing rats and for testing pharmacological treatments in vitro.

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