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Abstract #0076

Investigation of Longitudinal Neurodevelopment using Quantitative MRI

Douglas C Dean 1 , Jonathan O'Muircheartaigh 1,2 , Holly Dirks 1 , Nicole Waskiewicz 1 , Lindsay Walker 1 , and Sean C.L. Deoni 1

1 School of Engineering, Brown University, Providence, RI, United States, 2 Neuroimaging, King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry, United Kingdom

Quantitative MRI affords a unique opportunity to map the dynamic patterns of neurodevelopment and provide insight into the relationships between brain maturation and emerging cognition. Longitudinal developmental trajectories of quantitative T1, T2, and the myelin water fraction (VFM) from 103 typically developing children are presented and characterized using non-linear mixed effects modeling. We furthermore examine the relationships between changes in these quantitative parameters and measures of cognition. Our results reflect the coincident development of myelinated white matter and cognitive ability; providing an important step for understanding the typical patterns of normative white matter maturation and its relationship to emerging function.

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