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Hyperpolarized [2- 13 C]-D-fructose Uptake and Metabolism in Brain Tissue

Kamil Lorenc 1 , Eugen Kubala 2,3 , Concetta V. Gringeri 2,4 , Markus Durst 4,5 , Ulrich Koellisch 4,5 , Annette Frank 2 , Markus Schwaiger 2 , Steffen J. Glaser 3 , Rolf F. Schulte 4 , and Marion I. Menzel 4

1 Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, PAS, Warsaw, Poland, 2 Klinikum rechts der Isar, TU Mnchen, Munich, Germany, 3 Department of Chemistry, TU Mnchen, Munich, Germany, 4 GE Global Research, Munich, Germany, 5 Institute of Medical Engineering, TU Mnchen, Munich, Germany

Recently, there is growing evidence that D-fructose plays a role in neuroenergetics. Depending on tissue D-fructose is metabolized through Fructose-1-phosphate, or Fructose-6-phosphate metabolic pathway, however, in brain Fructose-6-phosphate metabolic pathway is used exclusively. The aim was to find out if hyperpolarized [2- 13 C]-D-fructose is able to cross blood brain barrier in sufficient amount enabling the measurement using 13CMMR. We observed a very clear signal in all of the measurements, meaning that D-fructose was able to cross blood brain barrier in sufficient amount. In future D-fructose is a good candidate for functional imaging studies, and due to non-toxicity it may be applied in human.

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