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Abstract #2787

Improved throughput of hyperpolarized substrates by 1H 13C cross-polarization DNP

Sami Jannin 1,2 , Aurlien Bornet 1 , Jonas Milani 1 , Basile Vuichoud 1 , Roberto Melzi 3 , Angel J. Perez Linde 1 , Patrick Hautle 4 , Ben van den Brandt 4 , Joost Lohman 5 , and Geoffrey Bodenhausen 1,6

1 EPFL, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, 2 Bruker BioSpin AG, Fallanden, Zurich, Switzerland, 3 Bruker Italia, Milano, Italy, 4 PSI, Villigen, Switzerland, 5 Bruker UK Limited, Coventry, United Kingdom, 6 Dpartement de Chimie, ENS, Paris, France

We show an efficient route for rapidly generating 13C hyperpolarization on molecules such as pyruvate at polarization levels exceeding P(13C)>40% in less than 30 minutes. The method begins by the rapid and efficient hyperpolarization of 1H spins (P(1H)>80% in less than 5 minutes) at low temperature and high field (T = 1.2 K and B0 = 6.7 T) using the inexpensive polarizing agent TEMPOL, in combination with rapid 1H→13C polarization transfer by cross-polarization (CP) at low temperature in typically less than 2 ms.

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