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Abstract #0265

A novel multiphase scheme for simultaneous ASL and BOLD acquisition

Paula Croal 1 , Emma Hall 1 , Penny Gowland 1 , and Susan Francis 1

1 Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Simultaneous CBF/BOLD acquisition is important for calibration of the BOLD signal and to investigate cerebrovascular reactivity. However, such sequences commonly rely on single phase ASL, which assumes a constant transit time and so can be problematic under high flow environments where transit time changes may occur (e.g. hypercapnia). We present a multiphase sequence for simultaneous CBF/BOLD acquisition termed Lock-Locker Double Acquisition Background Suppressed (LL-DABS) and compare this to single-phase CBF/BOLD acquisition. We demonstrate that LL-DABS significantly increases CBF measured under hypercapnia (P = 0.04), while BOLD sensitivity is maintained, and show this has significant implications for CMRO2 measurements.

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