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Abstract #0267

Multiband background suppressed turbo-FLASH imaging with CAIPIRINHA for whole-brain distortion-free pCASL imaging at 3 and 7T

Yi Wang 1 , Steen Moeller 2 , Xiufeng Li 2 , An T Vu 2 , Kate Krasileva 1 , Kamil Ugurbil 2 , Essa Yacoub 2 , and Danny JJ Wang 1

1 Neurology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 2 Center of Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minnesota, MN, United States

Multiband imaging has recently been attempted for arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI using EPI readout. It was found that MB-EPI can reduce T1 relaxation of the label, improve image coverage and resolution with little penalty in SNR. However, EPI still suffers from geometric distortion and signal dropout from field inhomogeneity effects especially at high fields. Here we present a novel scheme for achieving high fidelity distortion-free quantitative perfusion imaging by combining pCASL with MB-Turbo-FLASH readout at both 3 and 7T. We demonstrated the feasibility for whole brain distortion-free quantitative mapping of cerebral blood flow at high and ultrahigh magnetic fields.

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