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Microstructural Information from Single-Pulsed-Field-Gradient and Angular Double-Pulsed-Field-Gradient NMR: From Model Systems to Nerves

Darya Morozov 1 , Leah Bar 1 , Nir Sochen 1 , and Yoram Cohen 1

1 The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Science, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Israel

Water diffusion in neuronal tissues, at high diffusion weighting and sufficient long diffusion times, becomes non-Gaussian. Under such conditions conventional DWI and DTI data does not accurately describe water diffusion in the CNS. However when complex biological specimens are studied it is of value to test the new methodology on real, complex samples where the ground truth is known a priori. In the present work we modeled the signal from single (s-) and angular double-pulsed-field-gradient (d-PFG) diffusion NMR experiments performed on a series of well-defined phantoms of increasing complexity and on isolated pig optic nerves.

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