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Abstract #2001

3D-DLCS Reconstruction of Asymmetrically Undersampled Radial 23 Na-MRI

Nicolas G. R. Behl 1 , Christine Gnahm 1 , Peter Bachert 1 , and Armin M. Nagel 1

1 Medical Physics in Radiology, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

An asymmetrically undersampled 3D-radial k-space sampling is proposed for 23 Na-MRI in combination with a 3D-Dictionary-Learning Compressed Sensing iterative reconstruction. The asymmetrical undersampling takes advantage of the point symmetry in k-space; 60% of the data is acquired with an undersampling factor (USF) of 10 and the remaining 40% with USF = 40. The results from simulated data show reduced artifacts and increased SSIM and PSNR for the 3D-DLCS reconstruction in the case of asymmetric undersampling. Reconstructions from in-vivo data show an improved delineation of small structures and reduced blurring.

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