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Abstract #3251

Accurate T2-Mapping with CPMG Prepared Turbo-Flash Sequence

Kecheng Liu 1 , Dan Ma 2 , Tiejun Zhao 1 , and Mark Griswold 2

1 Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., Malvern, PA, United States, 2 Case Western Reserved University, Cleveland, OH, United States

T2 quantification has been used for long time in clinical routine diagnosis, which relies objectively on an absolute quantitative T2-map rather than subjectively on gray-scaled images. Therefore, the reliability of quantified values should be ensured for clinical diagnosis. Currently the widely used multiple contrast spin echo acquisition mainly suffers from non-ideal RF pulse profiles, resulting in protocol dependent quantifications. Following our previous work, this study presents a true CPMG prepared T2-mapping method, which minimizes the impacts of the RF pulse profile, yielding more accurate T2-maps.

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