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Abstract #3501

SNR improvement of MP2RAGE from slice encoding acceleration.

Wanyong Shin 1 , Taehoon Shin 2 , Sehong Oh 1 , and Mark J Lowe 1

1 Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundatoin, Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 2 Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, United States

While MP2RAGE has shown the potential to generate B1 insensitive T1 contrast over brain tissue at high fields, the long scan time (> 8 mins) is undesirable practically. However, the long TR (> 6s) is essential to provide the large dynamic range of apparent T1 relaxation for dual MP2RAGE acquisitions. We propose z-direcitonal accelated MP2RAGE, which provides the increased flip angle with the similar dynamic recovery as z-directionally non-accelearted MP2RAGE. Simulation was conducted to optimize MP2RAGE paramenters and a healthy subject was scanned with the optimized parameters at 7T. The improved SNR and CNR with z-direcitonal accelated MP2RAGE acclerate scan time under 5 mins with isotropic 1mm3 voxel size.

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