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Abstract #4465

Measurement and quantification of sheep cardiac myocyte and sheetlet orientation from high-field 80 80 160 m contrast-enhanced T1W MRI.

Stephen Henry Gilbert 1 , Julie Magat 2 , Mark Trew 3 , Valery Ozenne 2 , Fanny Vaillant 2 , Jrme Naulin 2 , Olivier Bernus 2 , and Bruno Quesson 2

1 Mathematical Cell Physiology, Max Delbrck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany, 2 L'Institut de rythmologie et modlisation cardiaque LIRYC, Pessac, France, 3 Auckland Bioengineering Institute, Auckland, New Zealand

We present first high-spatial resolution ex vivo MRI of myocardial sheetlet structure from a human sized heart (the sheep heart), obtained at 9.4T/30cm, using a novel 7 elements array coil. This image data allowed us to reconstruct the ventricular sheetlet and myocyte orientations using structure tensor image analysis. We demonstrate that this methodology that has only previously been applied to small mammalian hearts is scalable to large animal clinical models. This methodology allows correlation of explanted myocardial structure to in vivo and myocardial strain/shear distributions in large animal clinical models and is directly applicable to normal/pathologic human hearts after transplantation.

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