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Abstract #1944

Cross vendor comparison of gradient recalled echo (GRE) and spin echo-echo planar imaging (SE-EPI) based MR elastography of the liver at 3T.

Suraj D Serai1, Jonathan R Dillman1, Hui Wang2, and Andrew T Trout1

1Radiology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, United States, 2Philips Healthcare, Cincinnati, OH, United States

MR elastography (MRE) allows non-invasive evaluation of hepatic stiffness and samples a larger area of the liver than liver biopsy. The high accuracy of MRE for liver fibrosis staging suggests that MRE could potentially replace liver biopsy. MRE has traditionally been performed using a GRE sequence. GRE, however, has SNR limitations at higher field strengths that can result in under-sampling potentially leading to erroneous stiffness values. SE-EPI is an alternative means of performing MRE that has higher SNR, lower susceptibility related signal loss and increased speed. In this work, we compared GRE and SE-EPI MRE across two vendor platforms.

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