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How does blindness onset impact on the structure of the optic radiation?

Chiara Maffei1, Isabella Giachetti1, Stefania Mattioni1,2, Ceren Battal1, Mohamed Rezk1,2, Olivier Collignon1,2, and Jorge Jovicich1

1CIMeC Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, Trento University, Trento, Italy, 2Institute of Psychology (IPSY) and of Neurosciences (IoNS); University of Louvain-la-Neuve; Belgium

The human brain is capable of massive reorganization in case of sensory deprivation. Blind studies show white and gray matter changes depending on blindness onset. However, the anatomical reorganization of the optical tract in blind is largely unknown. We investigated the changes in the optic radiation tract using diffusion-based tractography techniques in early and late blind subjects compared to age- and gender-matched healthy sighted controls. We found activity-dependent alterations of the optical radiation, demonstrating the importance of visual experience for the integrity of the tract. The characterization of such reorganization processes may have clinical value when assessing sight restoration possibilities.

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