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Abstract #2933

Measurement of human cardiac intracellular pH in vivo using long TR 31P-MRS with adiabatic excitation at 7T

Ladislav Valkovic1,2, William T Clarke1, Lucian AB Purvis1, Matthew D Robson1, Stefan Neubauer1, and Christopher T Rodgers1

1Oxford Centre for Clinical MR Research (OCMR), RDM Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2Department of Imaging Methods, Institute of Measurement Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia

Determination of human cardiac intracellular pH using 31P-MRS is challenging as the resonance frequency of Pi is concealed by a close resonating 2,3-DPG signal originating from blood. Common short TR and low-flip angle scan used for cardiac 31P-MRS increase the effective SNR/time, but can additionally suppress the Pi signal intensity. We have investigated the feasibility of detecting cardiac Pi and calculating intracellular pH of human heart using long TR 3D-CSI examination with adiabatic excitation at 7T. Comparison to short TR acquisition was performed using interleaved TR measurements. We report robust and repeatable detection of Pi signal in 100% of subjects.

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