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Abstract #4140

Development of the oligomeric amyloid-beta targeted MRI contrast agents to diagnose the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease

Geon-Ho Jahng1, Sang-Tae Kim2, Peter Verwilst3, Hyug-Gi Kim4, Jee-Hyun Cho5, Kwan Soo Hong5, Ki Woong Kim2, Jong Seung Kim3, Wook Jin1, Eui Jong Kim6, and Dal Mo Yang1

1Radiology, Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, Seoul, Korea, Republic of, 2Bundang Hospital of Seoul National University, Kyunggeedo, Korea, Republic of, 3Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of, 4Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of, 5Korea Basic Science Institute, Cheongju, Korea, Republic of, 6Radiology, Kyung Hee University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

A new T1 molecular MRI contrast agent specifically designed to be specific for oligomeric Aβ was developed by combining the commercially available gadolinium (Gd)-Dota with an oligomeric Aβ-specific DNA aptamer. We confirmed the protein size with Aβ polymerization in aspect of molecular masses when polymers were formed. We performed the following experiment in the cell level and AD-model mice. We identified a particular region with a significantly distinct T1 MRI signal, allowing for distinguishing Alzheimer's disease model mice from non-Tg mice.

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