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Abstract #4484

In-vivo targeting and imaging of super-paramagnetic iron-oxide particles to subcutaneous tumour models

Mohammad Mohseni1, John Connell1, Stephen Patrick1, May Zaw-Thin1, Tammy Kalber1, Tom Roberts1, Quentin Pankhurst2, Mark Lythgoe1, and Bernard Siow1

1CABI, UCL, london, United Kingdom, 2UCL, london, United Kingdom

Magnetic targeting of drug-conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles has the potential to increase the concentration of therapeutic agents to tumours whilst reducing off-target side effects of current chemotherapy methods. This preclinical work demonstrates that SPION accumulation can be increased in subcutaneous tumours using magnetic fields and can then be detected by MRI. In addition, key physiological parameters can be measured before magnetic targeting for future optimisation of the strategy.

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