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Abstract #4633

2-deoxy-D-glucose-conjugated magnetonanoparticles (2DG-MNP) uptake as a measure of metabolic activity in glioblastoma murine model

Jelena Lazovic1, Whitney Pope2, and Massoud Akhtari

1preclinical imaging, Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities, Vienna, Austria, 2Radiology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States

In the current study we tested if accumulation of non-radioactive 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG)-conjugated magnetonanoparticles (2DG-MNP) can be used as a measure of metabolic activity in glioblastoma. To quantify 2DG-MNP uptake across brain ΔR2 maps are proposed. The difference in R2 relaxation rates prior to and at different times following 2DG- or unlabeled (plain) MNP administration represents ΔR2. Significant changes in ΔR2 between brain and glioblastoma, reflecting increased metabolic rate of glioblastoma were found for glucose labeled MNP and not for plain-MNP. Our results suggest that 2DG-MNP have potential to be utilized in metabolic imaging as non-radioactive 2-18[F]-fluoro-deoxy-D-glucose analogue.

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