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Abstract #4728

Imaging changes in cardiorespiratory pulsation amplitude of the brain during breathold - an MREG-study.

Lauri Raitamaa1, Vesa Korhonen1, and Vesa Kiviniemi1

1OFNI/Radiology, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu, Finland

Glymphatic pulsation mechanisms clear the brain by using physiological pulsations to drive CSF through the brain tissue. Magnetic resonance encephalography (MREG), an ultra-fast inverse imaging technique, was recently able to map three basic mechanisms driving the glymphatic brain clearance; arterial pulsations, respiratory venous pulses and slow vasomotor waves. In this study we demostrate that the MREG can also detect changes in the amplitudes of the pulsations driving the clearance. The mapping of the physiological pulsation amplitude changes can be used to quantify changes in glymphatic clearing mechanims that precede neurodegeneration.

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