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Abstract #1948

Resting state activity is depressed in regions of MRSI identified dysfunction in epilepsy

Jing Huei Lee1, Arun Antony2, Victor Yushmanov2, R. Mark Richardson2, and Jullie W Pan2

1University of Cincinati, Cincinati, OH, United States, 2University of Pittsburgh, pittsburgh, PA, United States

This study describes co-registered rsfMRI and MRSI data in poorly localized epilepsy patients with the goal of identifying the aberrant epilepsy network. We used 3T rosette encoded spectroscopic image covering the fronto-parietal-temporal brain regions in conjunction with resting fMRI data. The MRSI defined masks of metabolic dysfunction which was then forward warped using Bo maps to define the equivalent regions in the rsfMRI data. The rsfMRI data was analyzed with a model-free evaluation of local connectivity (regional homogeneity). Regions identified by MRSI as metabolically abnormal exhibited lower local rsfMRI coherence in comparison to gray matter or temporal regions.

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