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Abstract #2474

Accelerated 19F-MR Imaging of Inhaled Perfluoropropane for Assessment of Pulmonary Ventilation

Mary Neal1, Ben Pippard1, Kieren G. Hollingsworth1, and Pete Thelwall1

1Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

MRI of inhaled perfluoropropane offers a safely repeatable modality for mapping pulmonary ventilation. However, as a thermally polarised gas, signal is scarce and acquisitions are limited to breath hold durations or require respiratory gating. Improving the temporal resolution would present the opportunity to implement dynamic imaging or improve image quality in breath hold acquisitions. In this study, the acquisition time was reduced by partially sampling k-space using a compressed sensing technique. A 3-fold decrease in acquisition time was achieved whilst maintaining visually similar image quality. An average SNR of 25:1 was measured in a 6s 3D acquisition in healthy volunteers.

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