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Abstract #2475

Microporous Lung Phantoms for 19F-MRI of Inhaled Imaging Agents with Physiologically Representative Relaxation Times

Mary Neal1, Helena Sexton1, Eric Hughes1, and Pete Thelwall1

1Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

A primary characteristic of 19F-MRI of pulmonary ventilation is the short in vivo T2* of the inhaled imaging agent caused by the inhomogeneous magnetic environment proximal to the alveolar walls. This study describes two novel methods for fabrication of phantoms that mimic the physical and magnetic properties of alveolar tissue. In both cases the perfluorinated gas phase imaging agent is suspended in a stable microporous foam medium. The fabrication techniques permitted precise control of either bubble size or gas/liquid ratio. Highly monodisperse stable foams were formed with a perfluoropropane T2* of 2ms, comparable to that measured in the human lung.

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