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Abstract #3573

Considerations for Spin Order Transfer to 13C-labeled pyruvate precursors by Parahydrogen-induced Polarization for in vivo applications

Neil James Stewart1, Mitsushi Tomohiro1, Yoshiki Uchio1, Kensuke Takoshima1, and Shingo Matsumoto1

1Graduate School of Information Science & Technology, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

The recent achievement of 13C-pyruvate polarization by side-arm para-hydrogen induced polarization (SA-PHIP) in-vitro has renewed interest in PHIP, which has been limited by a lack of biologically-relevant directly-polarizable compounds. To investigate the achievable polarization of 13C-pyruvate by SA-PHIP for in-vivo metabolic MRI, density matrix simulations of polarization transfer by magnetic field cycling (MFC) and spin-order transfer (SOT) pulse sequences were performed for target precursors. MFC-based approaches were confirmed to be suitable for polarization transfer over the long-range J-couplings present in SA-PHIP precursors. Additionally, simulated polarization levels with SOT approaches were reasonable for representative 13C-pyruvate precursors, promising for metabolic MRI.

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