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Abstract #3700

Hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRS of liver in a high-fat/high sugar diet guinea pig model

Lauren Smith1, Lanette Friesen-Waldner1, Kevin Sinclair1, Trevor Wade1,2, Timothy Regnault3,4,5, and Charles McKenzie1,2,5

1Medical Biophysics, Western University, London, ON, Canada, 2Robarts Research Institute, London, ON, Canada, 3Physiology and Pharmacology, Western University, London, ON, Canada, 4Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, London, ON, Canada, 5Maternal, Fetal & Newborn Health, Children's Health Research Institute, London, ON, Canada

Effects of a life long high-fat/high sugar diet (Western diet: WD) upon pyruvate liver metabolism were observed in a group of young adult male guinea pigs (N=26). Proton density fat-fraction images were reconstructed using IDEAL water fat separation. Metabolism data were obtained using dynamic spectroscopy of hyperpolarized carbon-13 enriched pyruvate. Guinea pigs fed a life long WD displayed a significantly higher hepatic fat fraction and a delayed time to peak for the conversion of pyruvate to lactate. These results indicate that life long consumption of a WD in growing animals is associated with markers of dysfunctional hepatic metabolic function.

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