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Abstract #5322

Distortion-Free High-Resolution Diffusion MRI with RPG-MUSE

Iain P Bruce1, Christopher Petty1, and Allen W Song1

1Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

Diffusion-weighted images acquired with multi-shot EPI at high-resolution are susceptible to inter-shot motion artifacts and geometric distortions resulting from magnetic-field inhomogeneities. This study presents an efficient means of inherently accounting for both motion and distortion artifacts by alternating the phase encoding gradient polarities in odd/even shots of multi-shot EPI. When acquired in this fashion, the proposed RPG-MUSE model simultaneously accounts for both shot-to-shot motion induced artifacts and geometric distortions during the reconstruction of multi-shot diffusion weighted images. This technique requires no additional scan time, and accounts for B0 and eddy current induced distortions specific to each diffusion-weighted volume.

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