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Abstract #1015

Quantitative characterization of  a capillary-network MRI phantom using restricted diffusion analysis

Astrid Mayr1,2, Moritz J. Schneider1,3, Thomas Gaass1,3, Katia Parodi4, Jens Ricke1, Julien Dinkel1,3, and Olaf Dietrich1

1Department of Radiology, LMU University of Munich, Munich, Germany, 2German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders, LMU University of Munich, Munich, Germany, 3Comprehensive Pneumology Center, German Center for Lung Research, Munich, Germany, 4Experimental Physics - Medical Physics, LMU University of Munich, Garching, Germany

An artificial 3D capillary-network phantom (made out of melt-spun sugar fibers) was characterized with diffusion-time-dependent diffusion-weighted MRI. Restricted diffusion was analyzed based on a two-compartment (cylinders and spheres) model; diffusion coefficients were simulated with a simple random-walk model of spins in 2D and 3D spherical geometries. The best model fit agreed very well with the measured diffusion-time-dependent diffusion coefficients and resulted in a mean diameter of 142±2 µm of the spheres and a mean diameter of 9.7±0.7 µm of the capillary tubes (cylinders) with a capillary fraction of fcyl=35±1%.

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