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Abstract #3689

An awake mouse MRI method using mouse clothes for fMRI applications

Sosuke Yoshinaga1, Satoshi Fujiwara1, Shunsuke Kusanagi1, Kazunari Kimura1, Rikita Araki2, Mitsuhiro Takeda1, and Hiroaki Terasawa1

1Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan, 2Bruker Japan K.K., Yokohama, Japan

In current awake MRI methods, fixing apparatuses implanted in the brain by surgery and acclimation procedures by training have been explored, to suppress head movement in the scanner. Previously, we reported an awake MRI method using mouse clothes designed for a cryogenic coil system, without surgery and training. We now report the successful optimization of the awake mouse MRI method for fMRI applications, using the newly designed mouse clothes. Resting-state analyses showed bilateral functional connectivities in the cortical and limbic system networks in an awake mouse. Our method will contribute to the acquisition of awake-specific neuronal responses.

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