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Abstract #3754

Long-term effect of isoflurane anesthesia on functional connectivity detected by fMRI and local field potential measurements

Petteri Stenroos1, Tiina Pirttimäki1, Jaakko Paasonen1, Raimo A. Salo1, Ekaterina Zhurakovskaya1, Heikki Tanila1, and Olli Gröhn1

1A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, Kuopio, Finland

Isoflurane, a commonly used anesthetic in preclinical studies, is known to alter functional connectivity during anesthesia. It has been found that isoflurane can induce brain plasticity and cause long-term changes on brain function. Therefore, we studied the connectivity changes caused by single isoflurane (3h, 1.8%) exposure after a one-month waiting period by resting state fMRI and local field potential (LFP) measurements. Treated rats exhibited significantly strengthened connectivity between hippocampus and somatosensory cortex both in fMRI and LFP, indicating long-term modulation of brain activity by single administration of isoflurane anesthesia compared to non-treated controls.

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