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Abstract #4131

Comparison of apparent diffusion coefficient mapping in the lungs of healthy volunteers with 19F C3F8 and hyperpolarized 129Xe gas MRI

Ho-Fung Chan1, Adam M Maunder1, and Jim M Wild1

1Academic Unit of Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

In this work we derive in-vivo 19F C3F8 and 129Xe apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps from healthy volunteers’ lungs at functional residual capacity (FRC) and total lung capacity (TLC) to evaluate the sensitivity of C3F8 ADC to changes in alveolar dimensions. Each volunteer’s C3F8 ADC values at FRC was significantly smaller than the respective TLC value (P=0.008), and both FRC and TLC values were smaller than the free diffusion coefficient of C3F8. Furthermore, a significant correlation between 129Xe and C3F8 ADC was observed (r=0.69, P=0.029); demonstrating the clinical potential of in-vivo C3F8 ADC mapping.

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