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Abstract #0044

Accurate cervical spinal cord area measurements can be extracted from brain images

Kamyar Taheri1, Irene M. Vavasour1, Shawna Abel1, Lisa Eunyoung Lee1, Poljanka Johnson1, Stephen Ristow1, Roger Tam1, Cornelia Laule1, Nathalie Ackermans1, Alice J. Schabas1, Jillian Chan1, Ana-Luiza Sayao1, Virginia Devonshire1, Robert Carruthers1, Anthony Traboulsee1, Shannon H. Kolind1, and Adam V. Dvorak1
1University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, with MRI routinely performed for brain but often neglected in spinal cord. When cord imaging IS performed, atrophy is usually assessed at the C2/3 segment. We aimed to validate cord cross-sectional-area (CSA) measurements using T1-weighted whole-brain images. In controls, strong correlations were seen between C1 CSA from cord and brain images, and between C1 and C2/3 CSA from cord images.

In MS, C1 CSA from brain images and C2/3 CSA from cord images correlated. We showed that metrics obtained from brain images could provide relevant cord atrophy measures.

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