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Cross sectional evaluation of neurometabolic alterations in RRMS with fingolimod and injectable treatments using advanced MRS

Oun Al-iedani1,2, Karen Ribbons2, Saadallah Ramadan1,2, Rodney Lea2, and Jeannette Lechner-Scott2,3,4
1School of Health Sciences, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia, 2Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), Newcastle, Australia, 3School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia, 4Department of Neurology, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, Australia

This novel study evaluated the amount of axonal injury with neurometabolite in RRMS patients on fingolimod(N=52) and injectable(N=46) treatments compared with 51 HCs in hippocampus using advanced MRS. PRESS-MRS of the hippocampal voxel(30x15x15mm3) and clinical assessments for RRMS and HCs were acquired. Hippocampal MR-spectra were analysed by LCModel. Hippocampal-NAA/tCr decreased (fingolimod:-17%,p=0.001;injectables:-15%,p=0.01) and in Glx/tCr increased (fingolimod:+16%,p=0.001;injectables:+15%,p=0.02) in RRMS compared to HCs. Total-ARCS (r=0.402) and memory in particular (r=0.428) displayed associations with hippocampal NAA/tCr. This study is the first cross-sectional in-vivo investigation comparing the impact of fingolimod and injectable treatments on the hippocampal metabolism in RRMS patients.

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