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Abstract #2008

Clinical validation of patient-specific parcellation of the STN using 7T MRI via a DBS electrode placement revision case

Remi Patriat1, Lauren Schrock1, Michael C Park1, Jerrold Vitek1, and Noam Harel1
1University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) is an effective therapy for the motor signs associated with Parkinson’s disease. The STN is organized into three main functional territories, motor, associative and limbic, that can be identified using structural connectivity-based parcellation. While many may argue that the DBS electrode should be implanted in the sensorimotor region for maximum motor benefits, the optimal location within the STN remains under debate. In this study we describe a patient who experienced STN-DBS-induced depression, which was significantly alleviated following revision of the electrode. A 7T imaging-based reconstruction provides an explanation for this observation.

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