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Whole-Brain 3D Quantitative BOLD Mapping With Preliminary Estimation of R2' and Venous Blood Volume

Hyunyeol Lee1 and Felix W Wehrli1
1Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Quantitative BOLD (qBOLD) seeks to quantify voxel-wise deoxygenated blood volume (DBV) and venous blood oxygen saturation (Yv) based on R2′-sensitive signal acquisitions. A complication in qBOLD is the separation of signal contributions from R2, and R2′ from heme and non-heme iron sources, particularly in the deep brain structures. Here, we develop a new 3D qBOLD mapping method by tackling the confounding factors based on preliminary estimates of R2, R2’, and voxel susceptibility, along with cerebral venous blood volume. Results suggest feasibility of the proposed, prior-based qBOLD method for 3D mapping of DBV and Yv across the entire brain.

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