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Abstract #0214

Chenonceau:  an entire ex vivo human brain 11.7T anatomical and diffusion MRI dataset at the mesoscopic scale

Alexandros Popov1, Raïssa Yebga Hot1, Justine Beaujoin1, Ivy Uszynski1, Fawzi Boumezbeur1, Fabrice Poupon1, Christophe Destrieux2, and Cyril Poupon1
1NeuroSpin (CEA), Paris, France, 2Université de Tours, Tours, France

In this study, we present the Chenonceau dataset : a novel 11.7T MRI dataset of the entire human brain, combining an ultra-high resolution anatomical scan at 100μm with diffusion scans at 200μm using strong diffusion sensitizations. To obtain this dataset, a unique acquisition protocol has been established : a fixed ex vivo brain has been cut into blocks compatible in size with a Bruker 11.7T MRI system. The blocks were scanned individually over an extended period of time. The collection of datasets was then registered back to a reference blockface acquired at 3T, thus resulting in a unique high resolution brain dataset.

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