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Abstract #0294

Exploring the epileptic rat hippocampus using oscillating gradients, 3D electron microscopy and Monte Carlo simulations

Jonathan Scharff Nielsen1, Alejandra Sierra2, Ilya Belevich3, Eija Jokitalo3, and Manisha Aggarwal1
1Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States, 2A.I. Virtanen Institute of Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland, 3Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Oscillating gradient spin-echo (OGSE) diffusion MRI (dMRI) is sensitive to small-scale restrictions and may provide a sensitive probe of gray matter microstructural changes in brain disorders such as temporal lobe epilepsy. However, relating the OGSE spectral changes to specific microstructural features is a difficult challenge. Here, we combined OGSE-dMRI with serial block-face electron microscopy volumes of healthy and status epilepticus exhibiting rat hippocampi. From tissue parameters extracted from these volumes, we generated 3D digital substrates for Monte-Carlo random-walk simulations, which allowed us to elucidate the relative contributions of underlying gray matter microstructural features to the OGSE measurements.

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