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Abstract #1001

Brain MR-Elastography in microgravity analogous conditions

Fatiha Andoh1, Claire Pellot-Barakat1, and Xavier Maître1
1Université Paris-Saclay, CEA, CNRS, Inserm, BioMaps, Orsay, France

The head down tilt (HDT) position is commonly used to simulate vascular and tissue fluid dynamics during spaceflights. In HDT position, the cerebral autoregulation faces difficulties to adjust the vascular tone while the cephalad fluid shifts may yield increased intracranial pressures and altered mechanical properties. MRI T2 mapping in HDT position have shown fluid overpressure in the brain and resulting loss of water contents in the CSF and orbital compartments. Whole brain MRE was performed here in similar HDT conditions. It was sensitive enough to provide new insights on the overall mechanical response of brain tissues in microgravity analogous conditions.

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