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Abstract #1497

Meta-analytic investigation and funtional decoding on neural correlates of high familial risk for mood disorders

Kun Qin1, Nanfang Pan1, Ziyu Zhu1, Feifei Zhang1, Jing Yang1, Xueling Suo1, and Qiyong Gong1
1West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Despite the absence of positive clinical manifestations, there may be neurofunctional signatures of genetic vulnerability in the relatives of patients with mood disorders. We performed a meta-analysis integrating task-based fMRI studies comparing unaffected relatives of patients with mood disorders and healthy controls. Hyper-activation in the insula, as well as hypo-activation in the inferior parietal cortex and precuneus were identified in the high-risk relatives. Functional decoding further suggested emotion-related dysfunction might be primarily associated with abnormal activation pattern among deficits in multiple behavioral domains. These neurofunctional correlates may serve as high-risk biomarkers underlying illness onset and development in mood disorders.

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