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Abstract #1722

Anatomical connectivity of the anterior-posterior axis of the human hippocampus: new insights using quantitative fibre-tracking

Marshall Axel Dalton1, Arkiev D'Souza2, Jinglei Lv1, and Fernando Calamante3
1School of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, Sydney, Australia, 2DVC Research, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, Sydney, Australia, 3Sydney Imaging, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, Sydney, Australia

The hippocampus is a brain structure central to a broad range of cognitive functions including episodic memory but we know surprisingly little about how different parts of the human hippocampus anatomically connect with cortical regions to support key functions such as memory. We combined high-quality data from the Human Connectome Project with cutting-edge fibre-tracking methods to quantitatively characterise structural connectivity (SC) between the anterior/middle/posterior portions of the hippocampus and whole brain. We also mapped the distribution of endpoints within the hippocampus for streamlines connecting from cortical regions. Our results provide key contributions to ongoing efforts to characterise human hippocampal SC.

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