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Robust real-time 3D motion estimation with MR-MOTUS on an MR-LINAC: a multi-subject validation study

Niek RF Huttinga1, Tom Bruijnen1, Cornelis AT van den Berg1, and Alessandro Sbrizzi1
1Department of Radiotherapy, Computational Imaging Group for MR therapy & Diagnostics, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

In this work we tighten the gap towards clinical application of MR-MOTUS for real-time tracking of non-rigid 3D respiratory motion-fields during MR-guided radiotherapy. The framework is extended from an experimental setting on a conventional 1.5T MR-scanner, to a practical setting on an MR-LINAC: multi-coil and free-breathing data acquisitions, and the possibility for validation at high temporal resolution. 3D motion-field reconstructions are performed in 160ms/dynamic, for a total of five volunteers. Validations show that spatially realistic motion-fields are reconstructed that have 0.94$$$\pm$$$0.018 temporal correlation with a conventional respiratory-motion surrogate, while satisfying the clinical latency requirement of 5Hz for MR-guided radiotherapy.

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